Slab Climbing Shoe

Since Looking Glass is famous for slab climbing, we are often asked "What climbing shoe is best for slab climbing?" Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are packing your bags to head to Looking Glass.

1. Comfy Shoes
Since many climbs at Looking Glass are multi-pitch, your shoes need to be comfortable. A down-turned performance shoe that is made for steep sport climbing can be excruciating on this type of climb. While you can take your shoes off in between pitches, choose a shoe that offers all day comfort.

2. Sticky Shoes
On Looking Glass, your "foot hold" will often be a slight indention in less-than-vertical rock. So you need to wear shoes that you trust. If you cannot trust your feet, you won't get very far off the ground at Looking Glass!

3. Non-aggressive Shoes
In western North Carolina, slab climbing means a lot of climbing with your heels in a downward position- much like hanging your heel off a step. Aggressive shoes are made for the opposite position- stepping on your toe in a pointed position. Therefore, shoes that do not force your toes downward are your best pick for slab climbing.

Often, your beloved "first pair of climbing shoes" can be a great slab climbing shoe since they are likely not super tight and not performance oriented. So many shoes dubbed "beginner friendly" can be perfect for a trip up The Nose. Also, many shoes that are good for trad climbing and crack climbing, are perfectly suitable for slab climbing. Here are a few of our bestselling shoes that do well on the slab of Looking Glass and beyond:

Scarpa Techno

Evolv Defy
La Sportiva Mythos Lady

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