Oh the Places You'll Go... with a Headlamp

Our headlamp wall at the shop is fairly famous thanks to Marcus' genius paint cans, but also because headlamps are one of the most useful and bestselling products we carry. Here are a few times headlamps have come in handy:

Abandoning the Trail & Walking the Road
When my brother, sister-in-law, dog and I overestimated how long we could hike when hurricaine-damaged roads delayed our start, we had to abandon the Tanawah Trail and walk the Blue Ridge Parkway as darkness enveloped us. I used my headlamp on the back of my head in emergency mode to help vehicles spot us.

Stranded on Whitesides
When our friends got stranded on Whitesides due to a stuck rope, we were thrilled to spot their headlamps, which helped us get to them before freezing temps and an early season snow.

Middle of the Night Camping
I somehow frequently have to leave the cozy, stretchy comfort of my Montbell sleeping bag for a quick trip to heed nature's call. My trusty Petzl Tikka helps me see the way and is easy to stow in the tent or van.

Heading back from The Bald
Since winter is the best time to climb at Rumbling Bald, we are always pushing our limit with daylight hours, whether sprinting for an afternoon bouldering session or heading to tick classic routes. I can't count how many times we have hiked out with headlamps drooling over the thought of pumpkin salsa at Papa's & Beer.

When it comes to headlamps, a pretty small purchase can be a pretty huge help in an unplanned situation!

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