Our Favorite Things

Since becoming gear shop owners, we certainly have seen our gear closet expand a bit, but not as much as you might think. Here are a few of our favorite things:

Sterling Marathon BiColor 60 Meter Rope- Sure, it is hard to spring for the extra $30-$40 to buy a bicolor rope, but countless times I have been extremely thankful for the super obvious middle marker on this rope. Compared to a trip to the hospital for getting lowered off the end of your rope on that rope stretcher at T-Wall, the extra cash is well worth it.

Chockstone Jacket- I have honestly searched high and low for a simple, lightweight, truly stretchy softhshell jacket WITH a hood. It sounds simple enough, but it is hard to find. The Chockstone Jacket is light enough to run in during a wintry drizzle, yet understated enough to wear to Jordan Street Cafe. I love this thing and it is under $100!!

ATC Guide- Between the extra grooves for lowering heavier partners, to the guide mode, which keeps top belays happy when belaying your second on a multi pitch route, this little belay device is highly appreciated and versatile!


La Sportiva Muira VS climbing shoe:
Edging power, slight down turn, and what's this? Comfort. (ps, did you see Lauren Lee wearing them on the current cover of Rock & Ice? Wow!)

Black Diamond Tracer Helmet
I used to abhor wearing climbing helmets for the weight, bulk and lack of comfort. No more excuses with the Tracer. Bike helmet comfort and light weight with great looks and great protection. The best part? Under $90

Sport Science Looking Glass Outfitters Logo Tech T:
We are proud of our shop and excited in the new direction we are headed! What better way to show it with the new logo Tech T from Sport Science. An 85% poly, 15% cotton blend that wicks and breathes.


Arborwear Single Front Tech Pant and Shorts:
Better than my favorite jeans and durable enough for laying carpet with Dan, Dan the Carpet Man

Aid Gear from Black Diamond and Yates
My favorite? Peckers, RURPS, Duckbills, Scream Aids and Cam Hooks. If you don't know what any of these things are...you're a sport climber.

Georgia Bulldogs.
'nuff said.

Looking Glass Outfitters is a full service gear shop open 7 Days a week at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest and around the corner from Hendersonville, Brevard & Asheville.

Happy Exploring..........

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