Fun at The New River Gorge

After a summer of staying close to home, Phil and I were itching to climb some steep trad and sport climbs, so we packed up the Subaru with dogs and climbing gear, and headed to The New. The moist, steamy days of summer seem to have broken, and we have been enjoying the beginning of fall in Fayetteville, West Virginia. It is such a treat to have a plethora of cliffs and climbing styles to choose from, but we have been focusing on crack climbs as much as possible, doing routes like Triple Treat, Celibate Mallard and The Undeserved. The weather, as usual, has vacillated from perfect sunshiny days to ominous gray days with roaring thunder. We spent a rest day rafting The New River, and saw lots of paddlers at the ready for the first bit of Gauley season, which starts later this week. A few more days of steepness to come!

Photos Courtesy Jay Young

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