Rain Day in Brevard

Nothing stymies climbers at Looking Glass more than a day of rain, and we have gotten our fair (or even unfair) share lately. Luckily, many cliffs in the area are south facing, so they can dry quickly. Here are a few things to do when twittling your thumbs and waiting for dry rock.

Go Bowling
Everybody is a winner when it comes to rolling a heavy ball at some pins, right? Go through Brevard on 64 and you will find Strykes Again on Rosman Highway828.884.2695
Sip Coffee
Nothing like a hot drink and some internet surfing to drown your sorrows.
Indie Coffee House is virtually across the street from Looking Glass Outfitters, or try Quotations on the south side of downtown Brevard.

Devour Calories
Three of our favorite non-budget-busting places to get food fast are Pad Thai, Poppies and Pescado's Burritos.

Trail Run in Pisgah
If you are antsy to get your heart rate up, trailrunning is a great rainy day activity! Two of our favorites are the North Slope Trail and Avery Creek. Pop in LGO or the Pisgah Ranger Station
for directions.

Throw Down on Plastic
Brevard Rock Gym can help you get a pump when the weather won't cooperate! It is just around the corner from basically everything on this list. 828.884.7625

Tour a WNC Brewery
If the day is fairly shot, it is worth a drive to tour Pisgah Brewing Company or Highland Brewing Company. If you don't want to drive too far, grab a brew at The Square Root, Jordan Street Cafe, or Dugan's Pub. Tasty!

Drool over Gear
You know it is time to replace that sorry, old .... Check out Brevard's favorite gear shop at Looking Glass Outfitters! We have an excellent selection of c
limbing shoes, ropes, gear and outdoor apparel. Chances are, your better half or better self will thank you! We may even give you the WiFi password...

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