Spring Reigns

I know it is much needed but the rain does hamper motivation. In lieu of this rainy nastyness, we have taken the liberty to head up to the New River Gorge, posting the best forecast, and hang with some friends. Pictures from that will follow next week. Until then, please view some of our greatest warm weather pics to promote some much needed, good weather psych! Enjoy.

Good weather is on the way and the days of summer approach. For all your adventures far and wide come see Looking Glass Outfitters at the shop, or shop online!

Photos Top to Bottom:
Phil Hoffmann, The Snaz, Grand Teton National Park: Photo: Nate Furman
Jessica Hoffmann, Love Jug (5.10b), Tennessee Wall, Chattanooga, TN. Photo: Phil Hoffmann
Deep Water Soloing, Summersville Lake, Fayetteville, WV. Photo: Dan Brayack
Phil and Jess, The Snaz Summit, Grand Teton National Park. Photo: Nate Furman
Fly Fishing, Teton River, Teton Valley, ID. Photo: Jessica Hoffmann
Jessica Hoffmann, Scenic Adult (5.11d) New River Gorge, WV. Photo: Dan Brayack

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