The Skinny on Base Layers

As I have become a more and more ridiculous gear lover, it seems I have come to love base layers of every shape and size. As I have ticked off year after year attending the New River Rendezvous, I have become a big fan of the Mountain Hardwear Wicked Tee, and seem to wear them daily for climbing once the weather turns nice. Nothing beats a lightweight, soft and breathable base layer once you start sweating. But, soon I also caught on to polyester underwear. While your first vision may be of bad 70's outfits and your second vision may be sticker shock at the higher-than-cotton price, once you put them on and head outside in warm temps, you will be thanking yourself. The seamless design is barely noticeable underneath your harness or backpack, you will not be tugging at embarassing places to rearrange, and you will stay dry and comfy. I am a big fan of the boy short style. They are also great for travel since they dry in a jiffy and are anti-microbial. Try it, you'll like it!!

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