Rain & More Rain

Saturday was a pretty nasty day for most sane outdoor endeavors. It was probably a great day to clean the house, if you were so inclined. By noon I was going stir crazy and suited up for a trail run along the Davidson River. It was raining harder than I thought as I drove into the Pisgah National Forest, but I stuck with my plan and parked at the Visitor Center and headed across the street and up the path leading along the Davidson River. As I settled into a rhythm of avoiding puddles and ignoring the swish of my jacket's hood, I began to enjoy my loop up the North Slope Trail. The weather was mildly acceptable for trailrunning so long as you had a good synthetic baselayer and a lightweight shell. The reward was that the only traffic buzzing by was our black lab Daisy, and I got to log a few more miles in my ENDs despite a nasty forecast.

How do you get outside despite the rain clouds??

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