Today's Adopt-A-Crag was successful thanks to a dedicated crew of locals and visitors who braved the miserable forecast. After donuts and coffee at Looking Glass Outfitters, we headed to The Nose parking lot and hiked in to this classic area, where many institutional groups flock throughout the summer months. Building on last fall's Adopt-A-Crag efforts, our main goal was to try to maintain impact in high use areas, encouraging visitors to contain their foot traffic at the cliff base as opposed to spreading it to greater and greater areas, which causes widespread erosion and a noticeable decrease of plant life. Natural reinforcements were put in near Sensimilia Sunset to minimize bank erosion.

A group of students from Unity College in Maine were the impetus for our Access Fund crag day, thanks to their desire to give back to the area they chose to spend spring break. Thank you for your gift and responsible stewardship! A big thanks as well to CCC vice president Zachary Lesche-Huie, Southern Mountains Rep Brian Williams, Peter Eiland and Asheville climber Ken Pitts, who all added to the effort and braved the rain. Thanks for taking care of our local climbing resources! We are headed to dry off!

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