The Season's First Sunburn - Laurel Knob & Looking Glass

Well, after a bizare March snowstorm, nature has flipped an entirely different switch and made the weather utterly fabulous. As last week drew to a close, every outdoor lover was scrambling to get outside to enjoy temps in the 60's and 70's. Viva Spring! Saturday we headed to Laurel Knob, hoping the partly cloudy forecast would make for a perfect jaunt up Fathom. It wasn't to be, as the clouds were nowhere to be found. It was great to be in the sun and have the cliff to ourselves, but after a few pitches, we were truly frying and had to bail. Even if you don't summit Laurel Knob, Panthertown Valley is quite a treat, and Laurel Knob is quite physical just to hike in, climb a little, a hike out, so we were beat Saturday night.

Sunday we (and the crowds) headed to Looking Glass, and had a great time running up Dinkus Dog. The granite was sticky and the breeze was lovely, but I must say, I came home rather pink. Time for sunscreen!

Top Left- Climber on Unfinished Concerto
Top Right- Jessica on Fathom
Bottom- Phil on Dinkus Dog

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