Climbing Helmets

After years of loathing climbing helmets thanks to being the (un)lucky recipient of Phil's old hand-me-down, I broke down and bought a new helmet. I will admit the green flowers on the green version of the Petzl Meteor III had SOME impact on my decision, but hey, if it isn't fun to wear something, you are less likely to use it. I was pretty amazed at the difference when my helmet arrived. Not only did I no longer have to jut my chin out to hold it in place, but it was light and comfortable. Suddenly it was not such a chore to protect my noggin.

I seem to have a penchant for sports that accompany helmets, so my collection of helmets (riding, snowboarding, biking, climbing...) is getting extensive. But, I have been getting a lot better about wearing my helmet when climbing ever since spending last summer flirting with disaster in the Tetons, where chossy rock is a given.

You will note that Phil soon got helmet envy, bought a Black Diamond Tracer, and now sports his helmet pretty often as well. I would highly recommend giving a try to one of the the latest helmet models, it is likely a lot different than that crusty, stinky one you never wear.

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