Mountain Khakis - Best Pants Ever

For about the last two years, whenever you see Phil wearing a pair of pants, it would be safe to bet he his wearing Mountain Khakis. Phil had a beloved pair before I started work at MK, but since then, both his appreciation and collection of MKs has increased rapidly. My brother said "I'm afraid to admit I wear them every single day." Mountain Khakis do certainly have a cult-like fan following, and the primary reason is their incredibly comfortable fit. Add the fact that they last forever, can stand countless hours, days, and years of abuse, make even the scrubbiest of dirt bags look presentable out on the town, and accentuate le derriere, and it is easy to understand why these pants truly are a man's best friend.

Just in at Looking Glass Outfitters:
the best climbing, hiking, lounging, working, flyfishing, coffee sippin, boot scooting, hay throwing, golf driving, wood chopping, client greeting, funds raising, banjo picking, fence mending, microbrew chugging, tweet postin, wncw listening, road trippin, jet setting pants you can find bar none.

Mountain Khakis!!

Phil Climbing 5.12 in MK Lake Lodge Pants at the North End of Looking Glass, NC
A well-loved and abused pair of MKs at the Lucky 7 New River Rendezvous, Fayetteville, WV

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