Want to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint? Go Camping!

There is a lot of advice these days on how to minimize your carbon footprint - from composting kitchen trash to unplugging phone chargers and coffee makers. But one of the most enjoyable ways to minimize your carbon footprint can be backcountry camping. Whether headed into the woods to tick off the Art Loeb Trail, or simply spend the weekend in western NC relaxing, camping can mean a few days off for your gas chugging vehicle and countless other carbon producing habits you may have. Your carbon footprint will be minimal because:
  • Less water consumption since the great outdoors does not flush the toilet or run the dishwasher
  • Less electricity by using the sun to guide your days
  • Less fuel consumption running errands & heading to the bar to meet your friends
  • Less utility consumption since you can leave the thermostat super low while you are gone and you will be stepping away from the tv
  • Less trash produced since you will be drinking and dining on reusable cookwear
  • Less trips to the therapist, since the great outdoors works countless benefits on your stress level
Here are a few tips for saving even more while camping:
  • When compatible with your stove, use a windscreen or aluminum foil-covered cardboard to shield your stove from the wind and help retain heat. You will boil water faster and use less fuel. Any leftover hot water can be used for washing dishes.
  • Use food containers and grocery bags for your trash instead of a brand new trash bag.
  • Filter water or bring water from home instead of purchasing bottled water. It takes fuel and resources to get that water bottle to you!
  • Minimize use of lanterns, headlamps, and campfires. Ever seen the smog over Yosemite's campgrounds? Your camp fire does make an impact.
  • When you need a fire. cook on it. A little creativity with aluminum foil or twig spears can make a tasty meal, get the most from your fire and avoid using more stove fuel.

Snow Peak Stove $50
Bag of Oatmeal with Fruits & Nuts Added $2
Power Bill for LNT Bathroom $0
Hot Rum Chocolate $2.50
Weekend in Mountains $Priceless

Happy Camping!

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