Gear Review - Evolv Hera

Thanks to our rep Kurt's van breaking down, we were fortunate enough to field test several pairs of Evolv climbing shoes recently, while he patiently waited for a new transmission to arrive. Not only are Evolv shoes made in the USA, but the whole line is very reasonably priced- like the Defy at $84.99- which really holds its own on technical climbs and amongst pricier shoes, and the Escapist, an approach shoe which is quickly gaining a loyal following.

Having never actually climbed in a women-specific climbing shoe, I was eager to try out the Evolv Hera. I instantly noticed how the velcro shoe fit snugly on my foot, yet comfortably. I felt like I was in between sizes, and since the Hera is synthetic and will not stretch significantly, I opted for the larger size. I thought for sure they were too big since I was fairly comfortable standing around in them, but was pleased to find that, on the wall, they fit great. Unlike with many other (snug) climbing shoes I own, these were comfy enough to LEAVE on in between pitches, yet still precise and technical on the wall. What a new idea!

The Hera performed well on everything from thin and technical climbs, to steep boulder problems, and was plenty sticky to send problems with micro feet jibs. I am definitely sold on Evolv rubber and the lower volume that women-specific shoes offer, so you will see more pics coming of future climbs in the Evolv Hera!

Photo: Katherine O'Hare Bernero at Rumbling Bald
by Adam Bernero

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