Chattanooga Climbing

We are just in this morning from a weekend climbing in Chattanooga. Although the climbs of western North Carolina have a special place in our hearts, sometimes we yearn for the steep sport climbs and strenuous crack climbs of Tennessee. The forecast seemed a bit off, so we veered off to Foster Falls instead of T Wall on Saturday. It was our first time to Foster Falls, and we were not disappointed. Despite a crowded parking lot and a late start, we had a great time on steep, classic sport climbs like Wristlets and So What, sorely feeling that we had not climbed anything very steep since before Christmas.

Foster Falls is a beautiful area and the falls were running steadily - definitely worth a visit even if you don't climb. The next day, we woke to cooler than anticipated temps, and stayed cozy in our Thermawraps. We were in for a treat with a Chattanooga local who took us to a newly discovered area. We were pretty much blindfolded, gagged, and stripped of our camera. So, no pics, no details. Suffice it to say, if you want low cost urban living and miles of sandstone sport climbing and trad climbing, and maybe even first ascents if you are motivated and strong, Chattanooga is truly abundant and will not disappoint. Now I am off to down a lot of water and recover from the steepness!

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