A Few of My Favorite Things

Spring is in the air, and I can't help but get excited as new products arrive at the store, the days get longer, and I can begin delayering. Here are a few of my current favorites:

The END Stumptown 12.0z

I have been intrigued by the mission of Environmentally Neutral Design since its inception. Now that the shoes have arrived, I just might be obsessed with them. I am retiring my old trailrunners for these sleek, unbelievably light and great looking eco conscious diddies. I am going to keep track of my mileage in them, because I am curious to see if their stripped down construction can go the distance. So, stay tuned for updates as I test my Stumptowns.

These BPA free aluminum bottles have been around for a while, but their innovative designs and irresistible patterns just keep coming. From the sleek Metro Mug to the adorable Safari Fun Bottle for kids, these bottles honestly put a smile on your face. While all this sleek engineering does come at a bit of a price, it is worth it when you think of all of the styrofoam coffee cups and silly water bottles you will not be paying for and not adding to the landfill. Come in the shop to see all the new designs.

Prana Pants
As the temperatures rise, I am excited to give my base layer bottoms and softshell pants a rest, and trade them in for lighter, wicking fabrics. The Stretch Zion Pant and the Tenaya Pant, both boast the right amount of stretch and durability for every type of climbing your heart desires over the next three seasons.

CAMP Tricams
So maybe a tricam is not as sexy as a shiny, new C4, but they are just as essential for climbing at Looking Glass. As we get our feet wet with the classic climbs of North Carolina like Nick Danger and Lakeview after being out West for a year, tricams have moved back up in importance on our trad rack. If you don't have the new sizes of CAMP Tricams, your rack is not complete. If you've never used them before, check out Phil's post "Piece of Perfection Protection" about how handy a "birdhead" can be.

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