Trailrunning in Pisgah- The Banks of the Davidson River

Just a few months ago, I was marveling at my luck at being able to run along the banks of the Snake River on my way home from working in Jackson. It is truly a magnificent river, whether walking the dog, rafting along or taking a run. I am told it is not bad for fishing as well! But, also not too far from my memory, is trying to run along the Snake River in April or so and post holing so badly in the snow, that I really couldn't run and my shoes were soaked, as I resolved to continue going to the gym while waiting for elusive spring weather. And then there was snowboarding Teton Pass in May! Despite the Snake and the abundance of pure, sweet powder-filled snowboarding, the weather and outlandish home prices eventually sent us packing up for the familiarity and live-ability of the South.

Yesterday, I ran along the banks of the Davidson River, and again felt very lucky to live in an extraordinary place. Leaving the Pisgah Forest Visitor Center, Daisy and I ran along quiet trails despite being only a few miles from the shop. I only had to wear a baselayer and a vest, and I was back home by dark. This too is an incredible back yard!

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