Super Bowl Tid-Bits

We may be outdoorsy and what not but that doesn't mean we don't like tossin' the pigskin around and following good 'ole American football. So, to add our two cents to the Super Bowl, I have asked our resident gear expert and football connoisseur, Marcus Webb, to provide some fun facts about this years teams. Whats the word, Marcus?

Arizona Cardinals (9-7)

First Super Bowl Appearance
7 Point Underdogs
2008 was first home Play-off game since 1947
Quarterback Kurt Warner entered training camp is the back up
Warner seeking second Super Bowl victory (3rd appearance)
Cardinals have 4th ranked offense in the NFL
19 ranked defense in NFL
Key player to watch Larry Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald has already broken the single post-season receiving record previously held by Jerry Rice

Pittsburg Steelers (12-4)

7th Super Bowl Appearance
7 point favorite
Seeking 2nd second Super Bowl title since 2006 and 6th overall
Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl in 2006-now seeking 2nd title
Steelers have 1st ranked defense in NFL
22nd ranked offense in NFL
Key player(s) to watch. Steeler's secondary against Cardinals passing attack-Troy Polamalu &
Defenseive player of the year James Harrison
Polamalu-7 interceptions
Harrison- 16 sacks

Thanks for the update, Marcus!

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