Surviving the Economy - Outdoors!

At this point, we are all quite intimately aware of the challenges of today's economy. Here are a few tips from your favorite gear store:

1. Climb Globally, Shop Locally
We have been using this motto around Looking Glass Outfitters for a while now, and it rings true now more than ever, even if you don't climb. By shopping locally, you:
  • Stimulate the local economy that directly affects you and your family through roads, bridges, schools, and public works
  • Ensure your street does not become Foreclosure Row by keeping jobs here
  • Minimize your carbon footprint-- less shipping & less driving means less fossil fuels burned to get you that shiny new gear
  • Keep your town unique and worth living in and visiting
  • Meet your neighbors
2. Get Outside
While exotic destinations and countries are incredible and irreplaceable, it has never seemed like a better value to go hiking, climbing, trail running and camping in Pisgah National Forest and Dupont Forest. It is truly the treasure in our backyard-- and it is free! Not only is getting outside great for your waistline, it works wonders on your mind. Plus, a healthier you means less trips to the doctor and more money in your pocket. Why not explore Brevard's 250 waterfalls or a trail off the beaten path? Even winter is a fabulous time to explore Western North Carolina's amazing flora and fauna.

3. Learn to Cook
An easy way to trim your budget is through your eating habits. Whether by packing your lunch a few times a week or breaking down and learning the basics of cooking, you will see a significant change in your wallet. Whether cooking up some chili on an MSR Reactor while camping along the Davidson River or making your own pizza at home, learning to cook can save some serious dough. Check out our Camp Cooking Articles Coming this spring!

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