Staying Warm at the Crag

Thanks to my brother's stint living amidst England's Peak District, I have learned that some weather makes carrying a small stove on a day hike or a day of cragging or bouldering well worth the weight. With genius 19 ounce stoves on the market like the MSR Reactor, carrying a little stove has never been easier, and boiling water has gotten quicker than a dash up Edgestacy on TR. Whether bouldering at Stone Fort in December, or convincing ourselves that the sun at Rumbling Bald will make it just warm enough to ignore gusts from the lake and do some carefully picked routes, Phil & I have really loved eating a hot lunch on a cold day. Here is an easy recipe to give you a taste of how much better hot food can be than your standard pb & j when the the temps are cold. Kicking it up a notch from boring old hand warmers!

Smashed Potatoes Crag Recipe


MSR Reactor (or similar integrated stove system)

Packet of Instant Mashed Potatoes

2 Cups Water


Any Combo of Toppings in Small *Tupperwear

- Shredded Cheese

- Salsa / hot sauce

- Beans (not dried- black or Northern work well)

- Chick Peas

- Bacon Bits or Sliced Hard Sausage

- Sliced Tomatoes or Onions

1. Boil Water

2. Add to potatoes & toppings and stir

3. Eat!

4. Resume Sending

*You can further reduce weight by putting toppings in a plastic baggie and eating out of the Reactor’s Pot, but the tupperwear or a squishy bowl is nice for easy clean up.

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