Trailrunning in Pisgah

will admit one of the things I miss from working in Jackson Hole and living in Victor, Idaho, is the plethora of trails at my fingertips on my drive to and from work. I found it pretty easy to run regularly with such splendor on the way home. I don't miss my commute over Teton Pass- see above from the Jackson Hole News & Guide. We have already had a pretty wet winter here in Brevard if you ask me, having barely seen any rain in my year away from the South. So, there are plenty of days when rockclimbing is just not going to happen. In contrast, Jackson is getting bombarded by fluke avalanches, so no complaints here!

My friend Laura and I have been talking about starting a weekly trailrunning group in Pisgah Forest this spring, so I am trying to familiarize myself with some area trails for our to-be-named group. I have been frequenting the area around the Pisgah Forest Riding Stables. If I am in a pinch for time and daylight, I simply run along Forest Road 477, which is very much in the thick of the forest, with Avery Creek running alongside. Thanks to Phil recently getting some new Sportiva Fireblade Shoes, Phil and I did this run last night in the dark, pinched for time and daylight. Normally Phil hates to run, but new gear is usually an impetus to try running again! It was quiet, yet chilly, and despite my headlamp, I have to admit I was a little jumpy that the hood of my jacket swishing on my back was actually a wild boar rustling in the woods. Not true!

Anyways, I am looking for good trail runs in Pisgah that you can do car-to-car from the Looking Glass Outfitters parking lot in around an hour. If you have any suggestions or want to join our running group once evening daylight permits, please email me at info@lookingglassoutfitters.com

Happy Trails!

Trail Running Goodies:
Black Diamond Cosmo
Montrail S'Presso
Montbell Chameece Cap & Gloves
Marmot Half Zip Fleece (with thumb loops!)

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