Heading to Stone Fort

Phil & I are headed to my home state of Tennessee this weekend to the last leg of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series at Stone Fort. I am not entirely sure why I am going to be in a bouldering competition since I am not a good boulderer and between Thanksgiving, rain, snow, and our big move, I really am not feeling truly climbing fit. Still, I am excited to see the place, having never climbed much growing up in Knoxville or going to school in Sewanee. In fact, in those days, Chattanooga was not a particularly cool place. Now it seems to be the town every body is talking about and moving to.
Also, despite our small amount of climbing we have done lately, somehow Phil convinced me that we need a new rope for this trip. We have a shiny new 70 meter 9.8 Sterling rope on the way. (There will be one in the shop as well.) Funny that we HAD to buy a rope for a bouldering trip, but that is besides the point. I am excited to break it in at TWall. I guess the gear geek in us is still alive and well. Hope to see some of you in the Noog!

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