Tennessee Craggin

We are back from a long, cold, fun, and tiring weekend in TN. The bouldering at Stone Fort was a ton of fun despite flurries of snow. The comp was well attended, and we had a great time catching up with friends from all over while giving our best at some sweet problems. If you haven't been to Stone Fort, it is really worth a trip. Little Miss "I don't really boulder" had a lot of fun bouldering and it is truly quite impressive to see how climbers and golfers coexist. The Triple Crown festivities were plenty of fun and we headed to TWall both Sunday and Monday.
Come in to the shop and we will tell you about how we climbed right next to an incredible climbing legend- seeing him both whip and send . Nonetheless, we had a blast working our way out steep roofs and up fabulous cracks. We are indeed sore, having not climbed anything quite this steep and with this intensity in some time.

From Top: Steve Bernthal on Mystery Groove, Jessica Hoffmann on Love Handles, Phil Hoffmann on Train Wreck, Jordan Shipman on something I can't remember.

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