Oh Vile Day

Today's weather is just plain nasty. A quick look at the radar and it looks like most of the East Coast is wet as well- not great weather for rockclimbing in North Carolina! Oh well, it gives me more time to recover from TWall and perhaps get cranking with Christmas shopping. We have a friend in town from Salt Lake City who worked with Phil at the Teton Valley Branch of NOLS. I am afraid that Brevard is not showing him its prettiest side today. Let's hope the weather peeps are correct and that tomorrow will be a perfect day to show this first timer to the South the pristine granite rock of Looking Glass.

Great things to do today:
1. read the December Blue Ridge Outdoors (LGO cameo at left)
2. re-waterproof my rain jacket!!
3. sip green tea
4. plan another climbing trip
5. stare at pretty new Sterling 9.8 rope
5. wrap Christmas presents
6. Shop the LGO online store from the couch- Free Ground Shipping!

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