Climbing Anchor Clinic

The first time I went multi pitch climbing, I was in Rocky Mountain National Park and my climbing experience was less than minuscule. My two climbing partners bickered throughout the morning about everything from our failed "alpine start" to the direction of our route. Nonetheless, as I clung, scraped and slid in fright to the top of the first pitch, I was 100% terrified to see that my reward was a tiny ledge with a great deal of exposure to the valley below. I knew I was tied in to some sort of "anchor," but somehow this gave me no solace. Much bickering later, the two "experts" decided we were off route and that they should lower me to the ground while they attempted to find the remainder of our climb.

I mostly accredit the fear I felt that day to general climbing ignorance. I had no concept of how gear worked and what is a good anchor. Whether you are a sport climber who always thinks "I would trad climb if only I knew how..." or a trad "follower" who climbs multi pitch occasionally in blissful ignorance, assuming that your partner's anchors are bomber, you have everything to gain by learning how to build a suitable anchor. A good base understanding of anchors is the perfect way to start your trad climbing education and could give you the ability to get out of an unforeseen sticky situation.

Step 1: Find Suitable Instruction for learning to build anchors!
Lucky for you, Appalachian Mountain Institute has several Climbing Anchor Clinics on their calendar throughout NC, so the tools to learn are at your fingertips. Don't let yourself get to the third pitch of a climb only to find that your partner has established a hanging belay from an undercamed alien and assume that you are in good hands!!

Step 2: Ensure you have the proper gear for building anchors before putting your knowledge to use.

AMI Course Schedule

  • July 2nd Brevard, NC
  • August 6th Brevard, NC
  • October 8th-9th Rock Intro & Anchor Combo Pilot Rock State Park

Happy Climbing and stay Safe!!

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