Bomber Approach Shoes - The Scarpa Quest

Scarpa has maintained a legacy of fine Italian craftmanship since the late 30's, and it shows in every finely made piece of footwear they produce. Their approach shoes are no exception. While other approach shoes either feign stickiness only to let you down at the first minor scramble, and others grip nicely for the first few months, then swiftly fall apart, the Scarpa Quest manages to walk the fine line between durability and stickiness in a high quality package.

Our first encounter with the Quest was actually in the shape of a return. A customer returned a pair claiming that the sole was faulty. To even a retail novice, this pair of shoes had been sliced on the sole by some out of the ordinary machine or knife-like feature- hardly what anyone would consider a manufacturer's defect. In Customer Service-speak, I would call this CLEAR user error. We dutifully took the shoes back, yet couldn't bring ourselves to toss them as they were quite new and the returnee had already repaired the problem with a dash of glue. So, we gave them to a fellow climber who has been happily wearing them without fail for about 3 years now!!

So, take a good hard look at the sad tennis shoes you've been fooling yourself to think are suitable for approaching climbs in, and consider taking a step to the other side. Or, if you are already an approach shoe convert, consider stepping your feet into a pair of Scarpa Quests. One, two, three, maybe more years later, they'll still be worth the money and sticking to whatever you put in their path....

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