Bullet Packs and tiny Haul Bags

Western North Carolina is well known for its multi-pitch trad climbing, thanks to looming granite cliffs like Looking Glass, Laurel Knob and Whitesides residing in our backyard. Many area visitors are surprised to learn that Laurel Knob is in fact the tallest cliff on the East Coast.

So what key gear do you bring for these classic, multi pitch climbs? Well, a bullet pack is a great place to start. These small packs are more rugged and versatile than their small demeanor might initially give away. You can stuff them into your crag pack for the approach, and pack them up as you rack up for your climb. As Katie & Adam can attest, a lot of multi pitch climbs take longer than you would have imagined, making it hugely helpful to pack a few bars, some water, sunscreen, a layer and perhaps a topo for your route.

The Black Diamond Bbee

This pack is one of the gold standards of the bullet pack category. It is nimble enough to easily hand off to your partner as you swing leads, and the hip belt is placed high enough to not interfere with your harness, yet let you sip on a Platypus or grab a Gu at the belay station. We are consistently amazed by what we can stuff in this little pack. This pack also works well as a day pack or trailrunning pack if you want to be like Jeremy & Natasha and do the Art Loeb in under 12 hours.

Metolius Zodiac
This bag is truly a mini pig- the little cousin of a traditional haul bag. If nasty weather and hauling a touch of gear is in your future, this could be the pack for you. With exterior daisy chains and haul loops, the 15 liter Zodiac is beefy, yet efficient for hauling. If you need a touch more space, try the Zodiac's 24 Liter cousin, the Metolius Mescalito. I've got my eye on one of these for when summer's afternoon showers can literally put a damper on your gear...

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