Winter Hiking in Pisgah

Snow still covers the ground in much of Transylvania County, but 276 into Pisgah National Forest is quite clear. Yesterday I headed in to check out the snow in Pisgah and dust off my hiking boots.
Daisy and I set out on the Buck Spring Trail and criss crossed along the creek and bizare shaped icicles, eventually heading out the Mountains to Sea Trail.
There were some hiker tracks on the trail, which helped mark the way. The white blazes definitely blended in with the snow, but the trail was pretty easy to follow. The sunniest patches were completely snow free. About 85% of the trail was covered in snow that was just soft enough to punch through easily with decent traction. But, the northeast facing ridges were icy, and crusty and tiresome.

We had some great views of Looking Glass in the distance, with snow and ice dripping down over the North End, Hidden Wall and the Nose Area. It is definitely peaceful to hike in these conditions, but be very aware of how much more fatigued you get tromping through snow and how short the days are at the moment.

Winter Hiking Packing List:

Extra Layer- I stuffed my Montbell Parka in my bag in case of emergency
Water- It is easy to forget hydrating when it is this cold, but you still work up a thirst
Gloves- My Chameece Gloves were just the right weight
Hat- I took my beanie on and off as the temps and difficulty of the trail varied
Bars/ Food
Goretex Hiking Boots- Inconsistent terrain makes it worth it to wear true hiking boots to keep you ankles stable, keep out snow and help your feet stay dry
Trekking Poles - Keep you stable when the terrain is unpredictable
Watch- With the short days, it is important to keep an eye on the clock and adhere to a turn around time
Map - The trails look a lot different covered in snow, make certain you know where you are headed!
Happy Trails!

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