Snow Trail Running in Dupont

After more than a week of no trailrunning, mountain biking or climbing, both Daisy and I were going a little stir crazy. We finally ventured out with a beanie and gloves to Dupont State Forest for the first time since Friday's big snow.

We headed for the Reasonover Parking area near Cedar Mountain and found the parking lot to be a bit more than the Subaru wanted to handle.
But, the gate just down the road from the main parking area is perfectly suitable to park at without getting stuck or blocking access to Conservation Road.

We headed out Conservation Road and stuck to the Ranger's tire tracks. As we neared the Airstrip and headed down Camp Summit Road, the roads were quite melted and easily traversed. Lake Julia is gorgeous right now with the quiet banket of snow, although it appears to be melting quickly. The trails are particularly untracked at the moment, so we headed back to the car via Lake Julia and Conservation Road.

Daisy absolutely adores snow, so she had a great time while her sister, a thin-skinned Weimaraner who hates snow, stayed wrapped in a blanket at home. It felt great to get in some cardio and reminded me of snow runs in Teton Canyon and along the Snake River, except it is December instead of May!

Happy Holidays from LGO!

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