Once in a while you have to get back up...

The rough news keeps pouring down like the thunderstorms in Pisgah. We found out today from a friend that a climbing partner from years ago at Devils Tower was paralyzed in a terrible car accident recently. Tacos Satoko is a friendly, quite, smiling, climber that has traveled the world meeting people and climbing everywhere. While in DT she was a great source of inspiration and humor as she climbed with a big smile and her helmet tilted to the side. We hope her the best for a speedy recovery. She is currently in a hospital in Casper, WY and folks are trying to raise money to get her home to Japan. If you wish to donate a few bucks please see the link below.


Despite the deaths of John Bachar, Jonny Copp, Micah Dash, Wade Johnson, and numerous other mainstream Celebs. we at LGO are trying to remain positive and make the most of our time here.
Stay Safe
Phil, Jess, and Marcus.


Steve said...

I just returned from a family trip to Minnesota during which I heard the news of the tragic deaths of Jonny Copp, Micah Dash, and Wade Johnson. The day before, I took a long drive to the North Shore of Lake Superior and checked out Palisade Head and Shovel Point. These areas are absolutely beautiful and gems in an unexpected part of the world.

Although I never met Wade, I relate to his passion for MN rock and currently planning a trip up Highway 61. If you cant fathom climbing in the great white north, let Wade show you what its all about:


the adventures of LGO said...

What a great film about Minnesota climbing! Thanks for sharing Steve! Nick Drake in the background makes it even better. Wade was a talented guy and will clearly be missed.