Spring Cleaning My Crag Pack

I broke down this spring and replaced my crag pack, which has served me well for the last few years even though it really was not intended to be used as a crag pack. It was focused on lightweight applications and had a mesh panel that kept my back cool, but made it difficult to jam a rope bag into the pack. So, this time around I focused more on a mountaineering pack, geared towards features that work well for climbing and durability. Hopefully I won't wear through the bottom of this pack as quickly when I toss it on rocks, out of breath after hefty approaches to the crag.

As I transferred my crag essentials to my new pack, I realized what a creature of habit I am. Just the slightest change of pocket locations, and my habits are a bit out of sorts. Still, the Mountain Hardwear Dihedral has every feature imaginable, from an external daisy chain to ice axe toggles and a heavy duty tarp front panel, so I quickly found a place to stash my chalk bag, rain gear, sunscreen, headlamp and assorted goodies. I was delighted to find that this pack has a wider opening, meaning it is much easier to load and unload a full rack of trad gear or a 70 meter rope. The lack of a mesh panel system keeps a heavier load closer to my pack, which means I might just be willing to hoof it to Laurel Knob again this spring with less complaining about the weight of my pack. I was not delighted to find crusty plastic silverware and half eaten Luna Bars in my old pack, but nevertheless, I am headed out with my new pack and will keep you posted on how it performs throughout the summer.

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