Backcountry Cooking

So, the remoteness of our "campsite" may astound you, but still, our "backcountry" cooking methods can be helpful for the more timid or just bored campers out there. Phil & I have come to appreciate having two, lightweight stoves going at mealtimes when camping. With today's light stove options, this does not equate to a heavy pack, whether you are headed deep into the woods or meandering to a scenic overlook. It is particularly nice in the morning to have coffee ready at the same time as your eggs, because we find ourselves particularly challenged when it comes to The Alpine Start to a day of climbing.

If you are a little tired of regular ol' spaghetti and get impatient waiting for the noodles to cook, try couscous. It cooks faster than pasta, using less fuel and filling your belly quicker! It also works well pre-cooked as a hiking or crag lunch when you add toppings like nuts, raisins, cheese, corn and/ or tomatoes. As you can see, we used a Snow Peak Giga Power Stove to brown the meat and heat up the pasta sauce, and an all in one stove to boil water for the couscous. It made for a super quick and easy meal perched on the decking above Clear Creek!

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