Layering up amidst Flurries

I just finished paying some bills and in the same breath of happiness that the utilities are going down as the temperatures go up, my heat is kicking on and there are bits of snow flurries outside my window. Grrr. I guess today's run in Pisgah will entail more layers than I had hoped. Still, I can't complain when I look back on last year's photos from "Spring Break" living in Teton Valley, Idaho, when we headed to City of Rocks with delusions of spring climbing weather.

I am headed up the trail to the top of Looking Glass for an after work jaunt.I am keeping close tabs on the progress of my END Stumptowns since they are quite different than any other trail runner I have had. Last week, I traveled in Kentucky and Ohio, and was delighted to find that their stripped down construction makes them great for packing. They squish down better than your average running shoe, yet they did well when I was forced to run on pavement in them. I think I am around mile marker 20 with them so far, with many more to log!

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