Montbell Thermawrap Jackets are in!

Every year we get a little giddy when our fall shipment from Montbell arrives. Their synthetic and down jackets are a staple for any self-respecting gear junkie and outdoor lover. Grab one for the crisp fall nights we have been enjoying or at least add one to your Christmas list.

Here is a review of the Thermawrap Jacket from our friend Steve who just came through town with said jacket in tow:

The saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

What can I say, my ThermaWrap jacket is my favorite piece of clothing. The first time I used it was on a snowy day bouldering at LRC for the final leg of Triple Crown, and all I had under the jacket was a thin t-shirt. Everyone else had their monster down jackets … which they had to take off to climb, only to run shivering back to a cold jacket. Not with the ThermaWrap! Put it on … leave it on.

I’ve had the ThermaWrap for three years now with no issues. No holes, tears or loose seems … and I wear it a lot. The fit is slim and comfortable, not bulky, but still keeps your warm. The cut allows for free range of movement and the bottom doesn’t rise up much at all. It packs down to the size of a softball and it weighs so little, you can barely tell you have it on. I wash it once or twice a year and it always comes out looking great and doesn’t lose any loft. It’s not a rain jacket, but by adding a water proofing agent, you will be surprised how much rain and snow it can repel.

Last year I moved to Northern MN and thought it best to get one of those monster jackets for the -30 temps. Since I loved the ThremaWrap, I stuck with Montbell and got a shiny new Permafrost jacket. The first time I wore it was shoveling snow in 10 degree weather. I just about had a heat stroke in it. I finally discovered that the ThermaWrap was all I needed down to zero degrees, providing I was doing something active and not just sitting in the snow.

This is a top notch jacket and perfect for any kind of outdoor activity. I highly recommend it.

Btw, I wore the Permafrost snowmobiling when it was -33. What’s the wind chill for -33 at 70 mph? Its -78 … and I was toasty.

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