Snakes in Pisgah

If you climb regularly across the southeast, you are probably pretty familiar with the fact that snakes and crags often go together. This is definitely true at Looking Glass, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for two very poisonous snakes that are found in Pisgah National Forest.

One is the Copperhead. We have run into this cleverly-camouflaged snake countless times, not only in Pisgah but also places like Little River Canyon and the New River Gorge. Copperheads are easy to miss when walking in the woods and our dogs have been blissfully ignorant during several near misses with large, unhappy snakes. They tend to like rocky outcroppings, meaning that the base of many cliffs is a perfect spot for a Copperhead to hang out, as well as near streams, creeks and waterfalls. We have also seen them several times at Bridalveil Falls in Dupont State Forest- admiring the view and cooling off just like us?! If you or your dog get bit by a Copperhead, get treatment right away. The bite is typically very painful, but not lethal if treated.

Yesterday while hiking to Twin Falls, we saw our first Timber Rattlesnake and boy was it big! It had at least 10 rattles, although it was fairly still when we saw it. This beautiful snake was making its way along the forest when our Weimaraner found it and was terribly curious to check it out. Unfortunately her instinct upon finding a large snake is not fear or precaution. Again, this is a very dangerous snake and if bit, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Despite these snake encounters, we have not experienced a bite and we certainly continue to enjoy the forest as much as possible. But, we do tread lightly in areas where these snakes are likely to reside, and it is a good idea to keep them in mind in regards to dogs and children when hiking, camping, and climbing. Many snakes hunt nocturnally, but hang out in the sun or cool, shady spots depending on the weather.

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