Halloween Sandstone

We headed to the RRG this past weekend again for a bit of a Halloween extravaganza. Jess was in the area for work with Mountain Khakis, which left Phil and the dogs convincing the Joneses to join us. This meant 3 people and 4 dogs packed up and did the 5+ hour slog to Slade in less than ideal conditions. Let's just say that by the end of the weekend, we unanimously decided it was time to change Vinca's diet and purchase a rocket box before our next joint trip.

Still, two days of sandstone climbing in perfect weather made it worthwhile. A dash of Lycra and some stellar wigs made certain climbs quite memorable. Jess briefly dressed up as a Kittler, before reducing her costume to just "Kitty," since Phil had a hard time looking at the mustache/ cat ears combo.

Phil did a great job of onsighting Rebar (in his Huber costume) and redpointing The Return of Chris Snyder. Jon casually sent Smoothie Nut, while Carly continued moving up the ranks by leading Sunny the Boxer next to Lucky Duck Soup. Jess also sent the R.o.C.S. and onsighted Riptide Ride. Fun times, although most of the locals probably hated us this weekend thanks to our high ratio of climbers to dogs. We did try hard to be respectful of the area, having heard assorted stories of recent climbers not doing so.

It is clear that The Red has become a truly international destination, since every area we have climbed at recently has had multiple parties from other countries. Now that it is getting chilly, we are likely to hunker down and stay close to home. It is the perfect season for NC climbing now- so come on down!

If you really want to see all the pics- which means a lot of Lycra, click the video below.

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