Rest Day a la Kaymoor Mine

After 3 days at the Red and one day climbing near the Meadow, our forearms were pretty well annihilated. So, despite the ridiculously nice weather, we took a day off from climbing. What is there to do in Fayetteville when resting your forearms? Well, plenty.

We had a wonderfully lazy morning, complete with coffee o'plenty and a little lounging by Laurel Creek, then headed to check out the Kaymoor Mine. I had never been, and the contrast between the ruins of a now defunct mine, built in 1899, and the natural splendor of the gorge in fall was striking. It is one thing to hear about coal mines, yet another thing altogether different to visit a closed mine, and envision the lives, blood, sweat, and natural resources that were once spent around the corner from many of our favorite climbs.

A visit to the mine is also a good way to get a quick cardio burn by scaling the several hundred stairs on your way out. Afterwards, we scarfed down delicacies at the Secret Sandwich Society and made the imperative cruise through Waterstone. Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to sending!

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