A Little FA Taste

Since we got to the NRG in time to climb on my birthday, our friend Jay gave me a special birthday present. He took us to a bit of a secret crag off the Meadow River and let me have at a climb he had been eying. He dutifully bolted the route, scrubbed off moss and dirt and marked some of the key holds while Phil and I warmed up on other climbs, then allowed me the First Ascent. What a friend! After Phil, Jay and I (finally) sent it, we dubbed it a 5.11a and called it Final Bender, in honor of the crag name. It is super fun and heads up an arete before turning steep for a juggy pumpy finish. Have fun on it, if you can find it!

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69 Hendersonville Hwy
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

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