Trekking Poles

I once thought trekking poles were for the birds, but a few key events have helped change my mind. Last year when I was descending from a very steep approach amongst loose rock, dirt and endless amounts of leaves, I borrowed one of my friend's poles (which I had recently made fun of) and confidently made it through the scree. I made a mental note to be sure to bring my poles for this particularly NC climbing destination.

My sister in law fell in love with hiking poles when she first picked up hiking since she had a history of joint problems. She quickly become a hiking fiend, shedding pounds and gaining strength at alarming speeds. She rarely uses her trekking poles now, but can certainly thank them for her improved joint strength.

I used trekking poles religiously on my hike of the Camino de Santiago, when I covered 500 miles with an embarrassingly enormous backpack. They definitely helped me make it all the way! Now, I find trekking poles are great when trails are particularly muddy, snowy or covered in leaves. Ever try to smoothly hike out of Rumbling Bald in November? The leaves stymie just about everybody. They are also handy for loaning to guests who don't normally hike much.

We just got a shipment of Black Diamond Trekking Poles, so come see for yourself! Happy trails!

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