Jasmine 1997-2010

I have thought many times about writing this, since Jasmine's health has been a bit of a roller coaster in the last few years. So many times we thought "this is it," and she perked back up to her old self and kept on kicking. Just a few weeks shy of her 13th birthday, we laid Jasmine to rest today at my parents' farm in Tryon, where there is always a breeze and plenty of sunshine. She has a view of the mountains, a vineyard, horses in a picturesque paddock, and a lovely forest behind her. It is the perfect spot for the dog that has been at my side for so many years and has been my faithful companion through many life changes.

She has traveled all over the country to horse shows, where she always carefully guarded my area and waited for me to return from my ride. When I jumped down from the horse, she always greeted me with so much excitement that you would have thought I had been gone for months instead of an hour. She has always been Mommy's Girl.

Jasmine has made an indelible impact on so many people, resulting in a slew of nicknames. Jazz, Jazzer, Mina, Minas, Salt, Salty, Salter, PSalter, Yoda P Salter, Saltreez, Treezy, Movie Star, Saltzy, Saltzycord, Sweet Pea, Pretty, Pretty pretty Peatmo, and more. I could embarrass myself greatly in admitting how many songs we have made up with Jasmine as the star subject.

The house is feeling very quiet today without her, and I am sure it will be true for a long time. But, I feel great peace in knowing she is resting sweetly in a wonderful spot where my family will spend more time in years to come. She will be able to see many more of life's changes.

We miss you so much!!!

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