Brevard - Land of Waterfalls

If you follow this blog much or live in western North Carolina- well, lucky you. But, it does mean you are familiar with rainy days. The climate here is often compared to a rainforest. So, Sunday when rain showers seemed to make climbing out of the question, we headed hiking. If you know Phil, you know it is rare indeed for him to hike, but we ended up having fun exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Graveyard Fields Ridgeline.

We parked at the Looking Glass Overlook and hiked on the Mountains to Sea Trail, eventually ending up at the first Graveyard Fields Parking Area. This section of trail seems less frequented than those that start at Graveyard Fields, yet it was nicely shaded and included a fun waterfall where swimmers were enjoying an evening dip. Check this area out for a great taste of why the Brevard area is dubbed The Land of Waterfalls.

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