Coastal Turkey Day

Once in a while even rockclimbers have to head to the beach. Phil and I did a lot of family-visiting over the last week, visiting relatives in Pawley's Island, SC, St. Simons, GA, and Orange Park, FL. Although we were itching to climb, it was great to run on the beach, eat too much, visit with fam, and fly a kite. It is hard to catch the magic of flying a kite in a picture, but it really is pure magic when the wind blows just right and you can twirl a flimsy little kite around like a rocket. Our black lab mix, Daisy, worked herself into a frenzie darting around after the kite.

We are back in NC now, helping with the Post Thanksgiving Sale (25% off!!) at LGO and wishing the sun would come back. I can't say our Turkey Day festivities are going to get us very far next weekend, when we head to the last leg of the Triple Crown, but once in a while, it is pretty lovely to relax at the coast!

Stop in the shop, peak at the goodies, and say hello! We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving as well.

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