T Wall Climbing Fun

When a beloved Charlotte friend told us her new Swiss Mountain Guide friend was coming to town and they were heading to T Wall, we didn't think twice about marking our calendars and heading to Chattanooga this past weekend. The forecast looked pretty good, and we were in the mood for a weekend full of rad crack climbs.
Frost took a gamble and drove with us in the Clydeabus, which is always a bit of a gamble. Clyde doesn't get anywhere quickly, but he sure is comfy and roomy for the whole crew. Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day in the 60's, and the T Wall parking lot was jam-packed. We were only mildly outnumbered by French Canadians, but still managed to get on classics like In Pursuit of Excellence, Super Slide, The Sweep, Fly with the Falcon and Digital Macabre. We stumbled down to the parking lot tired, but satisfied, and scarfed down Bertrand's chili, followed by some freshly delivered Swiss chocolates- oui oui!
Sunday, we were all sore, but scrumped up the trail as the humidity became heavy as can be. It was a strange weather day threatening to rain and being simultaneously muggy and chilly. Despite the un-ideal friction, we had another stellar day of climbing on goodies like Cake Walk and Blood on the Rocks. Bertrand, aka the Swiss Stallion, stole the show by sending Mrs. Socrates and Olympic Alchemy 2nd go. Apparently living within an hour of Chamonix and guiding for Les Guides de Verbier makes you pretty darn strong!
The routes at T Wall are so much fun, and so humbling. We all had our fair share of triumphs and defeats, but had a blast nonetheless. We even got to wear flip flops again in February.

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