February Already!

It has been a while since we posted, so sorry for the gap. January was a blur of trade shows across the country for Jess and Phil made the most of it with frequent B-Movie Guys nights at the Jones' house and trying to stay fit at the Brevard Rock Gym!

Our favorite news is that we got to escape for a vacation in Costa Rica. There is nothing better than getting away mid-winter and lounging away in a tropical paradise! We spent our time hiking around volcanoes, spotting monkeys, sampling mud baths and hot springs, learning to surf with a French girl named Julie, and drooling over sweet turbo diesel Hyundai vans that you can't find in the states.

I think we need a bit more time in CR to say we can surf, but I felt pretty good when Julie pushed me into the waves, effectively combating my lazy paddling skills. At her recommendation, we went to Avellanas one afternoon. Indeed, this is an awesome beach and Lola's is worth spending an afternoon at, but the surf and winds were less than ideal for our abilities that day. Can you say "le Sandbag?"

A big thank you to the Walkers who took care of our sweet pooches and tolerated our random emails and Facebook messages to check on them.

Anyways, our tans are rapidly disintegrating thanks to a lack of waterproof sunscreen and we are already drooling over spring climbing destinations. Come on in the shop and we will get you off the couch and ready for spring adventures.


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Denise said...

so jealous of the winter CR trip! what a perfect time of hear to head to the equator or therabouts. :)