Plan B

As we do most summers, we have been determined to keep climbing despite the unusually hot days of July and August. However, several times in the last few weeks, despite our determination, we have been largely thwarted by summer weather. Several times we arrived at the North End of Looking Glass, only to get rained on- sometimes barely enough to dampen everything, and sometimes a true summer downpour. Other days, the clouds stayed away, but the humidity made every hold seem like a slippery, gooey mess. Recently, I spent more time photographing mushrooms and moss than actually climbing.

Sometimes when we default to Plan B, I remember how much of climbing is the journey, not just the destination. I think it has been good for my mind and body to take a bit of time off from climbing as heavily as possible for a weekend warrior. Still, this week, there seems to be a hint of fall in the air. The mornings are feeling refreshing and we are starting to plan fall climbing trips. Can't wait!

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