New River Rendezvous #8

It had been too long since we headed to The New, so it felt great to hit the road and spend three days in Fayetteville for this year's Rendezvous. Ocho Loco was a ton of fun, and we kicked it off Thursday night with the Mountain Khakis Pants Pageant. Emcee Jay Young always does a good job of keeping the crowd entertained while a bold few lose their pants.

The weather vacillated quite a bit throughout the weekend- from sunny and gorgeous to downpours and thunderstorms. Still, there was plenty of climbing and fun to be had with a little motivation. Phil did a great job on Handsome & Well Hung at the Bridge Buttress despite muggy conditions and Jessica finally hopped on the phenomenal Super Crack. We even made our annual foray into some out-of-the-guidebook crags. We had a great time seeing so many North Carolinians represent!

Our new dog Vinca passed her first craggin weekend with flying colors and had a Weim play date with the Smith's Weims Elvis & Daisy. She's the cutie in the middle! Our Daisy is supervising out of view!

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