Looking Glass Climbing

As many of you might have heard by now, the Forest Service has installed a locked gate at both entrances to 475B due to hazardous road conditions. The road remains full of snow and incredibly wet, prohibiting vehicle traffic until the weather allows it to dry out.

Still, for the determined, many routes on the South End and even the Sun Wall are dry and accessible. After a busy Saturday at Rumbling Bald, Sunday we hiked in to climb the Sun Wall classic Le Pump. The added approach conditions made for a little over an hour to make our way to the crag, but the sunny skies and lack of crowds were worth it.

The routes were crisp and sticky. Although my camera seemed to disagree, as it rocketed down 70 feet of slab and decked well below us. It lost some but not all of its functions!

Happy climbing!

Looking Glass Outfitters is a full service gear shop specializing in hiking, climbing and camping equipment located at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest and around the corner from Hendersonville, Brevard & Asheville.

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