Great Hikes in Pisgah

With just an afternoon to hike and pick berries, some friends and I headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to fill our containers and admire the views. We parked halfway up Black Balsam (FR816) and headed down the Mountain To Sea Trail towards Graveyard Fields. Luscious blackberries were everywhere! We found a great little clearing to scarf down some sandwiches before heading towards Ivestor Gap and looping back to the van via the Art Loeb, but not before snatching plenty of sun-drenched blueberries. A fog moved in swiftly as we walked across the Art Loeb's balds, and I was missing my Precip Pants as the rain-soaked undergrowth drenched my pants! Still, the Irish-esque weather made for a beautiful hike and kept us cool in the middle of August. My pedometer is not terribly accurate, but I would bet this is about a 6 mile loop- definitely a great half day hike in Pisgah with rewarding views!

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