Beach to Mountains in the Carolinas

Sometimes even a mountain girl has to head to the beach. I spent a long weekend with family at Pawleys Island last weekend. Amongst gobs of sunscreen and trying to stay under an umbrella every moment, the beach was great (minus my sunglasses floating away- good thing we have a fresh shipment of Smith Sunglasses!) I think I successfully recovered from the pasty whiteness of living in Idaho for a year, where the water was never "just right."

On the way down, my brother, sister-in-law and I stopped at Cheraw State Park. This easy-to-never-hear-of park was a real treat and one of the many gems you can find in the Carolinas if you venture off the beaten path. For a whopping $3 an hour, rent a kayak and paddle amongst cypress wetlands in 300 acre Lake Juniper. Pack a picnic, and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

I do love the versatility of the Carolinas for the Beach to Mountain living! Although, my heart truly lies here in western North Carolina. I am back in Brevard, where you still need a layer in the evenings, the air is crisp, and the afternoon showers keep things cool and green. Enjoy the weekend and stop in the shop before heading out on your next adventure!


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